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The White’s Boots tradition has its roots in the logging country of west Virginia back before the Civil War. It was there that Otto White’s father grandfather made calked boots for the logging industry.In 1902, the tradition was carried west when Otto and his father moved to St. Maries, Idaho. Then in 1915 they moved to Spokane, Washington where, under Otto’s guidance, the business flourished.Otto White’s desire was a simple one: Make the finest work boots in the world! This single-minded ambition drove Otto to excell at his craft. His insistence on quality infected the workers of his growing business too, and the White’s reputation grew with every pair of boots that came out of the shop.The hard bitten Northwest loggers became White’s Boots biggest fans. They were tough on boots, but they had never seen anything like the tough as nails boots that Otto and his crew put together.The durability of White’s Boots, their incredible “Arch-Ease" support and Otto’s pride in his product, gave White’s Boots a reputation that is the envy of boot manufacturers everywhere. Otto White remained active in the shop until his death at age 91 in 1972.Because of Otto’s unbending standards of quality and his ability to train others, by instilling in them the same pride of craftsmanship, the quality and tradition of White’s Boots continues today. When you come to own a pair of White’s, you’ll sense that these are no ordinary boots. They are made of the very finest materials in the world and built with skills passed down through generations of craftsmen who are proud of the name .


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